Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is We Drop?

We Drop is UK’s Latest On Demand Store, promising to provide all your favourite items straight to your door. We have partnered up with some of your local stores you love to give you the best choice out there.

Our mission is to provide an all in one experience to suit your mood and make your experience last. With an easy to use order platform and a fleet of own delivery riders will have your order with you sooner than you think.

Q: What stores are on We Drop?

Our choice of stores are hand picked or suggested by demand. They vary from local brands to well known chains.

Q: What times are you open?

Our service is open all day from morning til late night. However this will depend on stores opening times. Feel free to visit We Drop website or App to see which stores are open closeby.

Q: Why doesn't We Drop accept cash?

We only take card payments because it lets us provide you with the best possible experience and protect both customer and rider in a safe environment. Feel free to tip your rider in cash.

Q: Is there a Minimum Spend?

The minimum order amount can vary depending on which store you’re ordering from. You’ll be informed at checkout before you place your order.

Q: Can I place orders in advance?

Yes! You can schedule orders for up to one day in advance and choose any delivery time from midday onwards

Q: Can I collect my order?

We do currently offer collection. Visit the We Drop website or App to see which stores are available for collections.

Q: What to do if I have issues with my order?

We have a dedicated team that looks after your entire We Drop experience, from the moment you place an order right through to it arriving with you.

However, we do understand that sometimes things might go wrong. If this is the case, you can contact us via our live chat to report any issues.

We will provide a tracking link for most of our stores on We Drop, so you can see how close the delivery driver is. You are free to call the store directly for further progress.

If we can’t contact you at customer arrival and are unable to deliver the order, the driver will wait for up to 15 minutes before leaving. In this event, you’ll still be charged for your order. To prevent this from happening, it’s always a good idea to double-check your contact and address details.

Q: What if I have allergies or want to change the order?

At We Drop ,you’ll be able to add special instructions to let stores know about any modifications/health issues you may have. We encourage you to write your notes in all capitals.